The London Bailiffs.
Certificated enforcement agents.
Certificated enforcement agents hold a certificate granted by the County Court. Certificated enforcement officers may enforce any debt other than a County Court and Family Court order.

Certificated enforcement agents could enforce debt from criminal fined, council tax home domestic rates, road traffic, child support, HMRC and commercial rent arrears recovery (CRAR). Please note this is not an exhaustive list.

Once they receive instruction from the creditor to enforce the debt, the enforcement agent will contact you to give you the opportunity to pay the debt. If you do not respond, or you do not agree to pay the debt, they will visit your premises to take control of your goods. You may be able to arrange to pay the debt by instalments. You can discuss this with them.

If you do not pay the debt, they can take control of your goods to the value of the debt plus costs. The enforcement agent can take control of your goods by entering into a controlled goods agreement with you. A controlled goods agreement means that you agree to let the enforcement agent secure or remove your goods until the debt is paid. If you do not keep to the arrangement to pay, they have the right to return to your premises to remove the goods and sell them at auction. Once the agreement is in place you cannot dispose of the goods taken into controluntil payment is made, the warrant is withdrawn or the enforcement action is discontinued.

If your goods are removed they may be sold at public auction unless the Court orders otherwise. Certificated enforcement agents will try to obtain the best price for your goods. The cost of the auction and enforcement agents fees will be deducted from the sale and the balance paid to the creditor to satisfy the debt. If the sale makes more than the amount of the debt, the surplus will be paid to the debtor.
It is important to remember that auction prices are significantly lower than high street prices Certificated enforcement agents can act on behalf of local authorities and parking authorities such as TFL. For these debts you should visit the relevant authority website.

What is the cost to me ?

Certificated enforcement agents are entitled to charge fees and add them to the money you owe as set out in the taking of control of goods (Fees) Regulations 2014. If you think that the fees charged by the Certificated enforcement agent apply to the wrong stage in the enforcement procedure or are incorrect, you can apply to the County Court for an assessment of the fees. An assessment of fees means that a district judge will decide if the correct fee stage has been applied. The Court cannot consider the level of the fee charged as these are set out by Regulations and you cannot dispute these. Detailed assessment applies where the fees scale does not set a fixed charge.