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  • London Enforcement Agents for Forfeiture of Commercial lease throughout London. Landlords take action now, contact us !!
  • We are The Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs) who are the pride of London for providing Solutions to landlords problems concerning Commercial Property
  • The London Bailiffs Specialist Enforcement Agents for the collection of (CRAR) Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery


            The London Bailiffs.

                 Instructions  to carry out Forfeiture of Commercial Property Lease.

                                                     (The London Bailiffs can respond within 12 hrs upon instruction). 

The London Bailiffs can undertake on behalf of Commercial Property Clients Forfeiture within the terms and conditions of the lease for Commercial Property. (No Court action required).

Forfeiture – Authority to Effect forfeiture is usually taken by the landlord when there is a total breakdown in communications with the tenant and unpaid outstanding rent arrears have not been collected.The London Bailiffs will attend with locksmiths. (The landlord can instruct their own locksmiths). The attending Enforcement Agent (Bailiff) will inform the police constabulary of the time and date of the Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs) attendance at the premises. We use this procedure out of respect for the police constabulary should there be a “Breach of the Peace”. The premises will be secured by the attending Enforcement Agent (Certificated Bailiff) and Locksmith. The keys will be forwarded as instructed.


A locksmith can be arranged on behalf of the Landlord.

The London Bailiffs will not be responsible for any tenant breaking back into the property. A locksmith can be arranged by The London Bailiffs on behalf of the landlord but The London Bailiffs will act only as a booking agent in this matter and therefore can not accept liability or give any warranty whatsoever for the quality or reliability of such services. The locksmith will be given the clients details to invoice direct for this work., and it will be the clients responsability to settle this invoice immediately upon presentation.


The London Bailiffs can provide.

  • Locksmiths/Boarding up service
  • TORT’s notice
  • Inventory
  • Photographs
  • Property check list
  • Meter readings.

Please complete this form in BLOCK CAPITALS  and email completed form to  admin@thelondonbailiffs.co.uk

Telephone:- 0845 299 6338

The London Bailiffs.

Enforcement Agents 2019.



Forfeiture of Commercial Lease

The London Bailiffs

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