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              The London Bailiffs.

                                          (CRAR) Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery.    

                                               (The London Bailiffs can respond immediately after 7 day enforcement notice expires).   

                Free to Landlords.

                                                               New legislation introduced by The Ministry of Justice 6th April 2014.

Taking Control of Goods.

As from 6th April 2014 all Certificated Bailiffs will be known as ENFORCEMENT AGENTS.

(CRAR) Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery within the terms of the Lease. This is undertaken by a Enforcement Agent (Certificated Bailiff) acting within the terms and conditions of the lease without Court proceedings. (No Court action required).

A compliance fee of £75.00 is charged in advance, on receipt of this payment the CRAR Notice of Enforcement will be issued. The compliance fee will be added to oustanding arrears in the Notice of Enforcement for recovery.

Once we receive the Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery form we will issue a seven day compliance letter to the tenant. Should the tenant not respond to the compliance letter.

An Enforcement Agent (Certificated Bailiff) will attend the premises for the collection of the outstanding rent arrears. Due to the situation where the tenant is unable to pay the sum due, the Enforcement Agent (Bailiff) will Take Control of Goods to cover outstanding rent.

These goods will include vehicles. The Enforcement Agent (Bailiff) will have to Take Control of enough goods to cover rent arrears and bailiff fee’s, removal fee’s and auctioneer fee’s.(Should removal take place). If the tenant is unable to pay at the time of attendance most Enforcement Agents (Bailiff’s) will Take Control of Goods and allow the tenant a period of time to pay. This procedure called Taking Control  of Goods replaces Walking Possession and must be signed by both Tenant and Enforcement Agent This will allow the tenant at the Enforcement Agents (Bailiff’s) discretion time to pay. If the tenant fails to sign the Enforcement Agent (Bailiff) may remove goods immediately or allow the tenant time as in Taking Control of Goods. An unsigned Taking Control of Goods act will allow the Enforcement Agent (Bailiff) to re-attend the premises and remove goods any time between 6.00am and 9.00pm without notice.

Please complete this form in BLOCK CAPITALS  and email completed form to  admin@thelondonbailiffs.co.uk

Telephone:- 0845 299 6338.

The London Bailiffs.

Enforcement Agents.

Cant pay we"ll take it away.
































































































































































































































































Commercial Rent Arrears

The London Bailiffs

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