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Code of Practice Guide.

Enforcement Agents.

Vulnerable people.We make special efforts to be sensitive to vulnerable people. We will use specially trained Enforcement Agents in these cases if necessary.

Vulnerable people are defined as:

  • Those suffering from mental health.
  • The long-term sick or those suffering from serious illness.
  • People who are deaf or blind, or have limited sight or hearing.
  • Those suffering form domestic violence, sexual or racial harassment.
  • Pensioners aged 65 years or over.
  • Those who have suffered a recent bereavement in the family or in the household: or
  • Those whose financial circumstances have changed within the last three months, for example they become unemployed.
The Bailiff’s Code.

  • The Enforcement Agent will either write to or visit the person/persons concerned.
  • The Enforcement Agent will visit to Take Control of Goods between 6.00am and 9.00pm unless circumstances are exceptional (with approval from the courts).
  • Any Enforcement Agent who Takes Control of Goods must be approved and certificated.
  • If a Enforcement Agent Takes Control of Goods, he or she must introduce himself, with identification, which will include a photograph and give reason for his or her visit.
  • The Enforcement Agent should be dressed smartly and be polite in all circumstances.
  • The Enforcement Agent must carry written authority when carrying out their duties.
  • Enforcement Agents must be of sober nature and never be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • The Enforcement Agent must not enter if there is no person over the age of 18 there.
  • The Enforcement Agent must not threaten with other ways of enforcing the action for example. Imprisonment or violence.
  • The Enforcement Agent must not discuss the visit with any other person other than the person/persons stated at the address.
  • If a Enforcement Agent wants to get information, he or she should do so discreetly and without giving reason for their visit.
The Enforcement Agent should wait to receive instructions from The london Bailiffs before going ahead if there is evidence of:

  • Mental handicap or mental confusion.
  • Long term sickness, serious illness or frailty.
  • Deafness or blindness or limited sight or hearing.
  • Recent bereavement (for example if a close family relative has died).
  • Pensioners aged 65 years or over (possibly other pensioners).
Change in circumstances.

  • A recent change in financial circumstances, for example, unemployment.
  • If a Enforcement Agent finds unusual circumstances which may need special treatment, he or she should contact The london Bailiffs before any action taken.
  • If second language is English and is limited, Enforcement Agents should contact The london Bailiffs to get help from the interpreter services.
  • Enforcement Agents should make sure they do everything possible to contact person/persons involved.
Entering premises and removal of goods.

  • Enforcement Agents should know about the rules of entering premises.
  • If a Enforcement Agentgoes to Take Control of Goods, he or she must clearly state what they can take control of legally.
  • If a Enforcement Agent removes goods, he or she must make sure that goods are handled with care and attention and kept safe.
  • The Enforcement Agent when removing must make sure that the goods are  safely stored before they are sold.
  • All goods removed must be taken to auction in accordance with the law.


Code Of Practice

The London Bailiffs

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