• Welcome to The London Bailiffs Specialist Enforcement Agents here to help Commercial Property Landlords in London
  • London Enforcement Agents for Forfeiture of Commercial lease throughout London. Landlords take action now, contact us !!
  • We are The Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs) who are the pride of London for providing Solutions to landlords problems concerning Commercial Property
  • The London Bailiffs Specialist Enforcement Agents for the collection of (CRAR) Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery


             The London Bailiffs.

    Who are we ? What do we do ?

   Enforcement Agents (Certificated Bailiffs) (CRAR) Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery and Forfeiture of lease. 

                                      Please be aware we only deal with commercial property issues.

Specialising in Commercial Property and assisting Commercial Property Landlords. We are an independent Enforcement (Bailiff) company and have over 50 years collective experience within the industry  supporting Landlords who are unaware of procedures and which route to take to resolve the situation they find themselves in. All the Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs)  are Certified by the Courts and have a wealth of knowledge within the industry. Our Operations manager has had many years of experience dealing with Commercial property and an extensive knowledge of the Enforcement (Bailiff) Law. At The London Bailiffs we believe that service and feedback are paramount. We say service because we believe communication is very important. We are often credited by our professionalism and discretion when the instructed Enforcement Agent (Certificated Bailiff) attends premises on our client's behalf. The Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs) arrive on time and get the job done without any fuss, and more importantly we try to minimise any potential embarrassment to the Landlord.

Instructions taken from Solicitors, Commercial Letting Agents, Commercial Property Landlords and the Private Sector throughout London and the Home Counties.

 To instruct The London Bailiffs please visit the relevant page on our website and print the required form fill in and email it through to us.  

Alternatively for any further information please telephone 0845 299 6338.

email:- admin@thelondonbailiffs.co.uk

The elite Enforcement Agents/ Bailiffs.






About us

The London Bailiffs

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