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  • London Enforcement Agents for Forfeiture of Commercial lease throughout London. Landlords take action now, contact us !!
  • We are The Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs) who are the pride of London for providing Solutions to landlords problems concerning Commercial Property
  • The London Bailiffs Specialist Enforcement Agents for the collection of (CRAR) Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery


  Number one in London for Commercial Property Landlords.

     The London Bailiffs    We are the most prominent Enforcement Agents/ Bailiffs within the Commercial Property Industry for (CRAR) Commerciel Rent Arrears Recovery and Forfeiture of Commercial Property lease in London.

Please note we only deal with Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery and Forfeiture of Commercial Property Lease we are not solicitors and can only give advise with experienced gained.

                                    " PERSONAL, PROFESSIONAL AND PRECISE"

         Specialist Enforcement Agents for Commercial Property only.

Under new legislation brought in by The Ministry of Justice, with effect from 6th April 2014 Certificated Bailiffs will be known as ENFORCEMENT AGENTS.

Take action now Contact us on  0845 299 6338 for more information.

  • (CRAR) Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (Free to Landlord).
  • Forfeiture of Commercial Property Lease. (Fee's payable by landlord).
  • 1st Class Document/ process serving.

We act upon instructions from Solicitors, Commercial Letting Agents, Commercial Property Landlords and the Private sector.

To instruct The London Bailiffs for Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery or Forfeiture of Commercial Property Lease please visit the relevant page on the website where procedures are explained and then print off appropriate form fill in and email to:- admin@thelondonbailiffs.co.uk


The elite Enforcement Agents 2019.

For further assistance please contact us now. Telephone: 0845 299 6338.

email:- admin@thelondonbailiffs.co.uk

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The Enforcement Agents/ Bailiffs who deal only with Commercial Property issues.

Our experience and knowledge within London gives us the edge in a city with 32 Boroughs and over 25,000 streets !  We cover them all !

Under new legislation brought in by The Ministry of Justice with effect from 6th April 2014 all Certificated Bailiffs will be known as Enforcement Agents. Walking Possession and seizure of goods will be replaced by Taking Control of Goods. The collection of rent arrears will now be called (CRAR) Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery. Before attending premises a seven day enforcement notice must be sent by the Enforcement Agent by post or electronic mail informing the tenant that enforcement action will be taken should the rent not be paid within seven days of said notice. These are the main points that will effect commercial property landlords. All Enforcement Agents fee's will be the same across the board as laid down in the new legislation.


 If CRAR has taken place with control of goods on premises and rent still not paid and goods worth less then what do you do ?

 The decision to either cut the financial losses or continue to pursue the debt would have to be made by the client or property owner, it might not be worth pusuit if the debtor is known to lack the assets or finance to pay the debt. It may be worth considering attending at a busy time of year such as the lead up to Christmas when more goods may be available to seize and therefore you will be more likely to recover goods to the full amount. Where we have a controlled goods agreement it would generally be based on the Officer's view in relation to the value of goods seized as there would be no point removing and incurring costs outweighing the value of said assets..


CRAR entry into Commercial Property.

As enforcement agents we would knock on the door, and if we are allowed in then that is fine, we can be very peruasive. With Commercial property we are unlikely to be refused entry, as most business premises are accessible during trading hours this has never been an issue.




The London Bailiffs

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