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The London Bailiffs.


We are the Movers and Shakers within the Commercial Property Industry for the collection of commercial property rent arrears and forfeiture of lease in London.


Specialist Certificated Bailiffs for Commercial Property only.

Please Contact us, Call 0845 299 6338 for more information.

  • Commercial Property Rent Arrears Collected. (Free to Landlord).
  • Forfeiture of Commercial Property Lease. (Fee's payable by landlord).

We act upon instructions from Solicitors, Commercial Letting Agents, Commercial Property Landlords and the Private sector.

To instruct The London Bailiffs for the Collection of Commercial Property Rent Arrears or Forfeiture of Commercial Property Lease please visit the relevant page on the website where procedures are explained and then print off appropriate form fill in and email to:- admin@thelondonbailiffs.co.uk


For further assistance please Telephone: 0845 299 6338.

email:- admin@thelondonbailiffs.co.uk

email the head Bailiff:- stuart@thelondonbailiffs.co.uk

We welcome the Governments response to the Enforcement Industry. 

Scheduled to be implemented in April 2014.

Part 3 of the tribunal Court & Enforcement Act 2007 will be reformed to provide clearer transparency to all parties concerned with Enforcement.



The London Bailiffs

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